Top 7 Python Programming Books to help you learn

There are more than 300 programming languages out there for you to learn. Not all the languages can help you achieve great success in the field of programming. It is necessary to choose the best languages which can make you succeed in your programming field adventure. Coding skills are highly regarded in the IT sector. If you are looking for ways you can achieve great success in your IT career, then you should be prepared to coding challenges Python. Programming skills are highly sought in the technology world. You should choose the best coding language and learn them if you will like to place yourself in the right position when it comes to the programming world.

Python is among the best computer programming languages which make professionals in the field get paid highly. It is a high-level general purpose language. You can get it used in different areas where it can be interpreted differently. It is a dynamic programming language which was developed by Monty Python in the 1980s. It is used by various programmers to accomplish different tasks. For example, it is applied in testing microchips at Intel, powering Instagram, video game building in the PyGame library among other applications. The design philosophy of the language emphasizes on code reliability. The syntax of the language allows programmers achieve great success in expressing their concepts in short statements. It makes coding simpler when compared to other languages such as C++ or even Java.

Python is among famous programming language applied in the main organizations. It is necessary for you to learn Python because it will make it easy for you to work in different major corporations. It is a cross platform computer language used by giant corporations to work efficiently and quickly. Here are some of the top books you can read to learn python programming:

Learning Python-Mark Lutz

1. Learning Python
The book was written by Mark Lutz and David Ascher. It offers a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to different core Python languages. The book was written to allow learners gain better insight into programming at the beginner level. It can be used to derive a strong foundation over the subject of programming. It is an important book as it covers different important areas in programming. Some of the areas it covers include Python 2.7.X as well as 3.X. It offers the best way for you to start learning Python programming language. Even if you are a beginner or you are well versed in other areas, the book offers you the right way to get started.

2. Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science
It is the second edition of John Zelle’s Python programming. It was updated for Python learners. Some of the things you can learn from the book include foundation concepts of computer science. It approaches different principles in a form which is clear and easy to comprehend. The book addresses various theories and their applications. It takes a traditional approach where it focuses on problem solving and design. It uses of programming as a core skill in computer science. New Python programmer and beginners find the book very helpful. It touches on different important subjects such as structure and introduction to computer programs.

3. Violent Python: A Cookbook for Hackers, Forensic Analysts, Penetration Testers and Security Engineers
TJ O’Connor wrote it. Violent Python is a book which focuses on the introductory level of Python programming language. You will get a clear understanding of different language tools and concepts. You will learn to develop your own Python tools instead of relying on other attacker tools. If you will like to master different security concepts in python, it is the right book for you to try. It touches on complicated protocols such as SMB. You will as well access clear demonstration on how to write scripts which will help you automate large scale network attacks. Other areas the book covers include extracting metadata and investigating forensic artifacts. You will as well learn on how to write code to intercept and analyze different sites traffic using Python programming language. Other things you can do out of the concepts the book will equip you with include spoof wireless frames so that you can attack Bluetooth devices. Data mining in popular social media website is made possible through the skills you learn in the book. You also learn to evade strong antivirus programs to spy sites.

4. Python Cookbook
It is a famous book by Brian K. Jones and David Beazley which covers crucial areas in Python programming. It introduces readers to different concepts such as simple string concentration, parsers writing among others. It has several recipes written and tested using Python 3.3. The cookbook is written to target experienced Python programmers who will like to learn new tools. You will find several modern tools which contain code samples among other applications.

5. Python Essential Reference
David M. Beazley wrote the book. It is a comprehensive reference book for Python programmers. It focuses on adding coverage of different important features as well as adding new concepts in the programming world. Some of the new features covered by the book include new styles classes, XML RP clip, unification of types and classes, BZ2, intertools, opt parse among others. It is among the best books in the market.

6. Python for Data Analysis
Wes McKinney wrote it. He is the main author of the Pandas library. The book is packed with different case studies hence making it ideal for analysis of the new Python programming language. It mainly focuses on the analysis of manufacturing processes, crunching data in python and cleaning. It is tailored to help programmer solve a wide array of problems.

7. Python in a Nutshell
The author is Alex Martelli. It demonstrates the programming language strength in the web development field. It covers syntax, built ins, data types, Python standard module library and other real world examples. The book has a comprehensive reference guide to allow you access all the information you need. It also covers most third party extensions for you to find it easy when learning python.



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