The Advancement in Technology

A senior citizen in today’s day and age either keeps clear of computers with a ten-foot pole or uses one to send and receive email and conduct minimal Internet searches. “For the rest who have become accustomed to using many applications in the workplace until retirement age, they are more comfortable with today’s advanced technologies” said Monty Reynolds, from IT support Farnborough.

Whether a senior citizen, teenager or any age in between, members from all of these age groups will agree on one thing – technology changes like the wind.

Ten to fifteen years ago it was extremely expensive to keep pace with the ever-changing advances in technology. Many of these new and improved programs were more than the next best thing that everyone had to have – they were mandatory if you wanted to function at the same pace as everyone else.

Software Upgrades

This has primarily been the case with software upgrades. This problem persists even today. If a person sends a document file to a recipient who uses a different type of word processing software or an earlier version or the same, there will be an incompatibility issue.

This means that for the recipient to open that file, they need to obtain that version of the software. This is very frustrating when either time or money is of the essence.

As the demand for portability was increased, today’s manufactures of many devices continue to produce sleeker products that are multifunctional in ways that were unimaginable a decade ago.

For example, when laptops came out more than a decade ago, they were considered a luxury product used by travelling businessmen and businesswomen who needed to have portable technology solutions. As such, these systems were priced very high, making them unavailable to most individuals.

Today, almost every household has at least one laptop. In fact, laptops are used more than desktops because teenagers and college students enjoy the portability and comfort they provide.

Mobile Devices and Touchscreen Technology

Mobile devices have been the rage for a while now. But, cell phones have become very dynamic. They include so many features such as Internet and email capabilities, software applications, multimedia, personal information managers. Today’s cell phone is more like a mini laptop than anything else.

So where is technology headed now? In addition to having movies on demand from the comfort of our homes to online banking and vehicle navigation systems, touch screen technology seems to be the newest thing. These trends can lead the people who are out of touch with the latest technology to feel isolated.

Today’s all-in-one desktops and laptops include touch screen technology, multimedia and television! Just think – all of this has evolved in just a few short years. With advanced technologies such as voice and body movement recognition fast becoming the norm, it is anyone’s guess where technology will take us in the next several decades.


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