Educate Your Audience Before They Click on Your Products

Learn Leads Before you Click
There are various strategies and stages involved when it comes to Facebook conversion funnel. The first step is to get the users to click on a link or an advertisement link that will take them to your website where the product is displayed for them to view and purchase. When taking potential buyers and users to landing pages, you don’t have to put more effort in educating them, but when directing users directly to the product page, a lot in pre-clink education is needed.

Looking at an example from Estate Diamond Jewelry. The page is created for high end users who have the potential and the desire to buy expensive jewelry. A middle income earner won’t spend $8,000 to $15,000 for an expensive ring. To avoid spending on a bounced or wasted ad, users must be properly educated before they clink on the link, it’s important for to understand that the page features expensive jewelry.
There are many ways that Pre-click education can be achieved by providing ultimate product details, mentioning the actual price and displaying the actual image of the item. The information to be displayed need to guarantee the user with realistic expectations.

Use Images to the Maximum
It has been observed that Facebook posts containing images achieve more than 120 % reaction than the regular posts without any image posted or a photo. Posts with images always get a high margin of reaction and responses on the platform no matter the dimension taken. For a serious enthusiast who want to drive traffic to their website, they should put more effort in image and photo collection because poor quality photos won’t fair well. You must have high resolution images that are unique and representing the product being marketed.

A regular Facebook post needs full size images while the recommended size for a clear image is 1,200 pixels by 630 pixels. As a seller or marketer using Facebook platform, you should learn more on how u use full size images at HubSpots Facebook. The current system is made to resize your images automatically but the information from HubSpots Facebook will help you a lot.

Something else to remember is that Facebook images with real individuals is another plus that performs really well. As an entrepreneur, it is a good idea to include pictures of your employees and the customers whom have bought items from your website over the cheap graphics and logos if it is possible. This tactic totally grabs the attention of your followers thus increasing the traffic you have strived so much to accomplish.

Target your Audience Properly
Facebook is unique from other social media platform in that it has the most robust audience targeting capability that it has managed to build over its advertising platform. This has been maintained for long and 2017 is no difference, therefore, as an entrepreneur willing to increase traffic and increase sales, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

With all the above strategies, you have no excuse to fail in driving traffic to your website. Facebook has unlimited filtering features for targeting that will funnel high leads to your website.

Note the purchasing patterns and life events from your website and make the needed changes by looking at the trends and dig deep by setting up target options. This will help you grab potential customers who will even purchase the high end products and not letting down the funnel.


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