Local SEO Trends

Keeping up with local SEO trends means your business is ready to adapt to current marketing trends that bring customers to your website and to your company’s door. Even if your company’s reach extends beyond your metro area, local SEO is still important.

Although many of the tools for nationwide SEO (content development, backlinks and social media to name a few) follow the same basic rules as local SEO, the specific keywords that pull your company’s site from the search engines may be different at the local rather than national level. A targeted keyword analysis establishes a solid framework for a successful local SEO campaign. Part of this process involves scrutinizing your competition’s websites for your local niche (the higher ranking ones in particular). Next, specific local search terms are researched to ascertain what people really type into Google when they are looking for a business like yours, including any variations in terms, or even product and brand names that you specialize in. Finally, content development begins. This process involves working the keywords that provide value into the content on your website, making your messaging more specific and allowing Google to better notice your site during indexing.

Recently, Google has waged war on dime store SEO techniques and now values good, quality text in the body of the website rather than the keyword-stuffed pages from a few years ago. A good local SEO firm has a content development team that understands the careful balance and can deliver results. Local SEO also goes hand-in-hand with mobile search, honing in on consumers’ desire for immediate information at their fingertips while away from their desk. Many businesses believe that mobile searches are only valuable for finding restaurants and movie times, but it is really all about convenience: the only time the owner of a small company might have to search for a roofing company is while he is waiting for one of his trucks to be serviced at the tire shop. Having a mobile friendly site is as important as adapting to mobile search with local SEO, as frustrated searchers who can not view your site on their phone or tablet might easily hop over to a competitor’s site that is optimized for mobile.

When you see public figures, news networks and household names (i.e., Walmart and the White House) incorporating the power of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, it makes sense that leveraging local SEO to reach your prospective customers through these outlets could work for your business too. Social media strategies can be as simple as tweeting weekly discount offers or posting on Facebook about your company’s involvement with a local charity. More complex (yet highly engaging) social media tools could be a series of online videos about your company or an online game attached to your company’s promotion, which supplies you with solid marketing data when the customer signs up online.


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