The five public relations failures

When it comes to public relations it’s difficult to imagine that there is anything like a bad publicity. However, just a single sentence can be enough to cause enough damage. Any visionary business owner should think and strategically plan before sharing any form of information. Even well established companies such as Volkswagen and AirBnb have sometimes had major flops in their public relations. I had a one on one discussion on the mistakes that young entrepreneurs make and how they can avoid them with Lizz who is the Marketing Director of PR Agency Hampshire. Here are some of the insights that we shared

Don’t send dull press releases

Boring press releases are documents having more than one thousand words full of facts and figures but failing to tell the actual story. Public relations people always focus on worthy content rather than irrational facts. To begin with, Laura explains that young entrepreneurs usually do blogger outreaches to try and make story available to the public. However, the truth of the matter is usually different. This is because most of them tend to exaggerate irrelevant issues and try to make them look like a big deal.

Failure to have a target client

Having a target client helps one to focus on where they want to go. Having no target customers makes one to go round in circles and not reach the intended destination. This is one of the reasons why many budding entrepreneurs have failed. This is because they fail to recognize that identifying a target client is a critical element in running a fruitful PR operation.

Poor planning

Proper and advance planning is important in running a good PR campaign. Journalist should be approached early enough so that they can have enough time to develop a story. Expecting a blogger to develop a story overnight can be a grievous mistake. This is because the writer won’t care to look into the details of the story. One should also consider holidays and weekends when sending emails. Sending emails at the beginning of a long holiday may not be wise. This is because many people other people may be sending emails around that time and your email may not be given priority.

Sending unsolicited messages to journalist

Nobody likes their inbox jammed with spam messages especially if they receive a lot of emails every day. Sending a single follow up email is not bad. However, repeated follow ups can be unnecessary. If for whatever reason your email is important, the journalist will always get back to you. As much as LinkedIn and twitter are can be used for business related messages, Facebook and Instagram should always be considered personal and avoided.

Inadequate research

Research on any press release should be exhaustive. Sending a great press release to the wrong journalist or the wrong department makes it inadmissible. When sending any email, always make sure that you have the accurate information about the recipient of the mail. As much as this looks like an obvious thing to do, it can be the mistake that makes your press release not to see the light of day.


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